The Good Guys Win One

…in Texas, no less:

“All the pundits and bloviating Beltway politicos ignored Beto O’Rourke’s race against painfully long-term incumbent, Silvestre Reyes and said the young upstart had no chance. Even the commercialized progressive groups completely ignored his contest. But early voting went drastically in his direction and, despite Reyes, last minute, heavily funded (by the Military Industrial Complex) smear campaign, O’Rourke put him away nice and easy. Even as the votes were coming in, the most unctuous shills of the DC Establishment were hoping out loud that Beto would lose. This isn’t about ideology, this is just about Establishment dick suckers sucking Establishment dick, which is what they get paid to do– to the point where they become what they do. By the end they were publicly praying for a run-off or even a Republican victory in November. The Establishment and it’s miserable foot soldiers are very threatened by insurgents… and victorious insurgents make them want to kill themselves.”

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